· JT 8022A/B
  · JT 8021A/B
  · JT 8048-1A/B(Unfilled)
  · JT 8048A/B(Prefilled)
  · JT 8058-1A/B(Unfilled)
  · JT 8058A/B(Prefilled)
  · JT 8088A/B(Unfilled)
  · JT 8832A/B/Silica
  · JT 8068-1A/B/D40/Silica
  · JT 8068A/B/C/Silica
  · JT 8988A/B(Unfilled)
  · JT 8968A/B(Prefilled)
  · JT 8948A/B/C/Silica
  · JT 8869A/B(Prefilled)
  · JT 8055A/B(Prefilled)
  · JT 8225A/B/ Silica
  · JT 8024A/B/ Silica
  · JT 8526A/B/ Silica
  · JT 8524A/B/ Silica
  · JT 8053A/B/ Silica
  · JT 8852A/B/ Silica
  · JT 8225A/B/D40/ Silica
  · JT 8229A/B
  · JT 8824A/B/
  · JT 8897A/B/ Silica
  · JT 8229A/B
  · JT 8532A/B/Al2O3
  · JT 8531A/B/Al2O3
  · JT 8896A/B/Al2O3
  · JT 8895A/B/Al2O3
  · JT 8837A/B
  · JT 8836A/B/ Silica
  · JT 8522A/B
  · JT 8184A/B/D62/Silica
  · JT 8721A/B
  · JT 8725A/B
  · JT 8220A/B
  · JT 8218A/B
  · JT 8217A/B
  · JT 8216A/B
  · Easily impregnated Electrical Polyester Fiber Non woven Fabric
  · Polyester film polyester fiber non woven soft composite
  · Mesh plate
  · Easily impregnated Electrical Polyester Fiber Non woven Fabric
  · Easily impregnated Electrical Polyester Fiber Non woven Fabric
  · Easily impregnated Electrical Polyester Fiber Non woven Fabric
  · non woven fabric
  · Bushing for industrial use
  · Low voltage current transformer
  · Electric current transformer
  · Current transformer
  · Good quality insulator
  · Insulator for industrial use



  Jiangte Insulation Composite Co., Ltd. (JIC) is a famous high-tech company who is specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of insulation materials, such as epoxy resin which is widely used in dry-type transformer. Since established in 1998, JIC is the pioneer in insulation material industry in China. In past 15 years, we successfully provided epoxy resin, cold-hardening synthetic resin, iron-core coatings, coil refinishing paint, mold-release agent and cleaning agent, which has been widely used by our clients in transformer, insulator.......

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    Tel: +86-20-82320316

    Fax: +86-20-82315407

    Mob: +86-13760752440

    Email: louis@jiangtejy.com

    Add: Rm 606 Donghong international square, No.113 chebei road, Tianhe district, GZ, China


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